Private yoga lessons are the perfect way to individualize and customize your yoga practice and make it ideal for your body and mind.  They are great for working through an injury, learning proper structure and how to prevent injuries, achieving advanced poses, or simply creating a yoga routine that will perfectly match your capacity and your goals. They are also great for beginners who would like to learn the basics and feel more confident attending group classes. Private lessons can be set up as a one-time class or on an on-going basis.  These one-on-one sessions with our experienced teachers are an excellent way for students of all levels to fine-tune their yoga practice. Semi-Private Classes can be arranged with your instructor as well.

John Scott


John Scott is an experienced 200-hour Yoga Alliance-registered teacher. He is a proud graduate of The Prancing Peacock Yoga Studio in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Since graduating, he has continued his education and deepened his own practice by attending classes, workshops, trainings and festivals. On any given week, you can find John teaching most common styles of yoga, including meditation and sharing Reiki energy, in the same classrooms where he is also an avid practitioner.

John likes to focus on clear and concise instruction through a fluidly logical sequence of asanas. He believes our mats are places where we unify the body, breath, mind and spirit, and share in an ancient dance that knows no end to its song. He is honored and excited to mindfully share his knowledge, insight and enthusiasm for yoga with the Newtown Yoga community.

Rates For Private Yoga:

SOLO: $75 / Hour
DUO: $100 / Hour
TRIO: $120 / Hour

COUPLE’S NIGHT OUT: Special 2-hour Reiki Restorative class for 4-6 attendees: $200(4)/$240(6)

Tijen Genco


Tijen Genco, MS, PCC, MBB, E-RYT200 yoga, meditation, and Pilates instructor, and certified Professional, Life and Wellbeing Coach. After being a long time passionate yoga student, she completed her certification as yoga instructor in 2006. Tijen continued her wellness education with 500 Hours of Comprehensive Pilates Instructor training in 2007. She supplemented her training and education as a wellbeing coach further with 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training, Advanced Yoga Teacher Training for Ailments, and Intensive Meditation Training Programs. She studied Anatomy of Trains Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians with Tom Myers, Amy Matthews, and Leslie Kaminof; Energy Anatomy with Caroline Myss, Tibetan Buddhist Practices with Tsultrim Allione, and Energy Medicine with Donna Eden. She is Reiki practitioner. Tijen has a Master of Science degree in Organizational Behavior and Coaching, and BS in Electronics Engineering.

Tijen extends her specialty of cultural transformation and behavioral change coaching to the organizations in healthcare industry for enabling desired behaviors towards better health with her unique approach of. Tijen extends her wellbeing services incorporating mindfulness and neuroscience into the behavioral change to the organizations such as Unite for Her in the forms of Reiki and Mind-Body sessions.

Rates For Private Yoga, Pilates, Meditation or Reiki:

60 minute Private Session:      $100

Kelly Corbitt


Kelly Corbitt, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker in the State of Pennsylvania. Kelly earned her Masters in Social Work from New York University’s School of Social Work. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Theatre Arts from Muhlenberg College. Kelly is also a registered yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance.

Kelly has particular interest in the way the mind and body influence our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. She finds that collaborative and supportive relationship with a therapist can assist clients in their path toward mutually agreed upon goals. Kelly believes that this work is not about “correcting” something that is “wrong” or achieving an external goal of peace and happiness. It is about letting go of that which holds us back and allowing our inner light to shine – and to shine brightly.

Rates For Private Yoga:

60 minute Private Yoga      $75

Amy Moreno

Amy is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki master. She initially started doing yoga for the physical benefits and to alleviate the severe lower back pain that had plagued her for many years.  As she moved deeper into the practice, she was able to use the physical activity as a healthy way to calm her frenetic energy and quiet her erratic mind.  Through the practice of yoga, she was able to find direction, stability, and cultivate a sense of well-being that had previously been elusive.  Amy’s objective is to help others learn to use these techniques to strengthen and invigorate the physical body as a way to create a deep sense of inner calm and stability. She loves teaching people of all levels and ages, especially those new to yoga.  She skillfully tailors each session to meet individual needs and fitness levels.  She encourages students to challenge themselves appropriately, to build physical & mental strength, but also to find the balance between stress and rest.

Amy is passionate about helping others tap into their own unique potential. She believes that each one of us has the power to write their own story and create the life they want, and that every day offers a new opportunity to shine brightly!!  Amy says: “Yoga changed my life in a way that no physical therapy or medication was able to do.  The physical benefits were just the beginning…it has helped me learn how to nourish and care for myself, make better decisions, and live more consciously and purposefully.”

Rates For Private Yoga:

60 Minute Private: $75 / Hour ~ Duo: $100 / Hour ~ Mini Group: (3-5 ppl) $120 / Hour

Jessica Zerr

Jessica is a recent transplant from the shores of California to the wilds of Pennsylvania, and she is excited to share her practices which include craniosacral therapy, the Berry Method of myofascial release and structural alignment, lympthatic and visceral massage, and Swedish massage. A Certified Massage Therapist for 6 years and Registered Yoga Teacher for 9, Jessica has over 500 hours of accredited training, 600 additional hours in anatomy and joint work, and 700 hours studying yoga and yoga therapy. She is continually inspired to share this work by the dramatic healing she has experienced from migraines, a fractured lumbar vertebrae, severe sciatica and nerve impingement in the neck, and also by the dramatic improvements she is blessed to witness in the lives of her clients. Both yoga and bodywork offer the profound opportunity to become deeply still, to listen and initiate a conversation with the body and the Self that fosters wellness as not just a momentary experience, but as a way of life.

Rates For Private Yoga:

60 Minute Private      $80

Shannon Wasel

Shannon completed her 200 hour certification at Yogasphere, under the direction of Laura Rothstein and Elle Kaplan and is a registered instructor through The Yoga Alliance.

After receiving her yoga certification, she attended a week-long trauma sensitive yoga training at Kripalu Center in Stockbridge Massachusetts facilitated by David Emererson and Jenn Turner.

Shannon’s training has allowed her the opportunity to facilitate yoga classes with individuals in recovery from substance abuse, trauma, and co-occurring diagnosis. She is also a trained chair yoga instructor and regards her style of teaching with elements of vinyasa flow, linking movement to breath, creating space and stillness, and restorative forms. Shannon recognizes the importance of choice when practicing yoga and facilitates classes that allow individuals to become empowered by making choices on their mat.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

Rates For Private Yoga:

60 minute Yoga     $100

Natassia Levine

If you’d told Natassia over a decade ago that a 1 page article in a women’s fitness magazine would lead her to a life of yoga, she’d never have believed you! What started as an outlet to relieve stress and stay active has since evolved into a way of life and personal passion as a Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. During her 200-hour training with Drishti Yoga in Costa Rica in April 2015, she immersed herself in the practice, anatomy, and philosophy of yoga. She continues her studies with weekly classes and monthly workshops with her beloved local teachers and annual immersions with a handful of highly reputable, international teacher-trainers.

While teaching, Natassia builds creative and intelligent sequences on a strong foundation of alignment, breath awareness, and, of course, opening the heart. It is her hope that each student leave class with a sense of physical empowerment, mental clarity, and awareness of the energetic body.

Rates For Private Yoga:

60 minute Yoga     $75