Jessica is a recent transplant from the shores of California to the wilds of Pennsylvania, and she is excited to share her practices which include craniosacral therapy, the Berry Method of myofascial release and structural alignment, lympthatic and visceral massage, and Swedish massage. A Certified Massage Therapist for 6 years and Registered Yoga Teacher for 9, Jessica has over 500 hours of accredited training, 600 additional hours in anatomy and joint work, and 700 hours studying yoga and yoga therapy. She is continually inspired to share this work by the dramatic healing she has experienced from migraines, a fractured lumbar vertebrae, severe sciatica and nerve impingement in the neck, and also by the dramatic improvements she is blessed to witness in the lives of her clients. Both yoga and bodywork offer the profound opportunity to become deeply still, to listen and initiate a conversation with the body and the Self that fosters wellness as not just a momentary experience, but as a way of life.