There is a subtle yet profound energy system within our physical bodies.  This is our life force.  This is the energy that carries within us a sense of connection to ourselves, connection with others and connection to the world around us.  This energy informs our physical bodies, our feelings, our thoughts, our experiences and hopes and dreams and our connection to our higher selves and beyond.  As our physical bodies react to and create experiences our energy bodies store this information within our tissues and energetic fields sometimes causing an energy blockage.  

Intuitive energy therapy takes place when the energy that is blocked in a particular part of our being is worked with and unblocked so that it may flow more smoothly again.  Often physical, emotional and/ or mental pain will be lessened quite simply because our block is alleviated.

An intuitive energy session takes place with you lying fully clothed, feet bare if that space is available to you, on a massage table.  Any combination of modalities directed from source will be used and every single session is personalized from soul to soul and session to session for a deeply relaxing experience for our highest good.

Heather Barna~Dowling RYT, RM, IET, ACH

Heather Barna~Dowling, is a Usui Reiki Master, Integrated Energy therapist, Advanced Crystal Healer, Sound Healer, As well as master proficient in Chakra Balancing, Pendulum work and Aromatherapy.  Working with the Highest vibration of divine healing as well as channeling messages from guides, angles and spirit.  Heather guides her clients in releasing energy blocks on all levels of their being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  The gentle release of blocked energies and personalized messages channeled invites one to access our true selves with increased clarity and sense of purpose of our unique spiritual paths.

Heather leads yoga classes both public and private, facilitates spiritual workshops and retreats, gathers and empowers goddesses of all ages in a held safe space during new moon red tent gatherings, mentors and coaches all beings to find and honor their most peaceful spiritual truths.  Heather has a private practice in Newtown, PA and Jim Thorpe, PA and is also a guest practitioner in Yardley, New Hope, Richboro and Doylestown, PA.

Energy Services


Reiki uses a gentle light touch hands on and off technique to allow for universal energy to be focused in areas of pain or stress so the energy may be unblocked bringing you back into balance and flow.  An experience may be tingling or warmth to the area as the energy begins to move.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®)

IET works with the cellular memory map of our body to release blockages to balance our energy field.  Our 9 cellular memory map areas are activated using light touch and movement to allow for a gentle release of the blocked energy, the energies of joy and empowerment are integrated by Angels of the energy field to allow for deeper clarity of our souls’ unique purpose

Chakra Balancing

Using a pendulum and wand each chakra is assessed and prayed over then balanced using a selenite wand to help open and clear the channel for our energy to flow through easily.

Sound Healing

We use intention and sound to create an environment and vibration to help the physical bodies energy to come back into natural resonance, to become “whole” again

Crystal Healing

Crystals, gemstones and minerals are placed on and/ or near the physical body in accordance with the chakras as energy is delivered and resonates within the energy centers of the body promoting our self-healing.  Crystals absorb, amplify and transmute energy imbalances and assist healing of our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels

Rates & Hours

Custom guided intuitive energy session ~ $90.00 (60min)

Three Session Package ~ $240

Six Session Package ~ $450.00


Sessions by appointment only.

Day, evening and weekend hours available

Gift Certificates are available