Amy found the physical practice of yoga in 2008, as a way to help alleviate chronic low back pain. As her practice evolved, she moved deeper into the mental aspects of yoga, and learned how to use the physical activity to calm her frenetic energy and quiet her mind. In 2015, she completed her 200-hr teacher training, at Honor Yoga in Pennington, NJ.
Amy’s classes focus on creating awareness within the physical body, as a way to build a deeper mental and spiritual connection. She is passionate about using physical movement to channel ones’ energy and focus, in order to connect with our deeper truth and shine brightly, no matter what challenges we are facing.
Her high-energy style is rooted in Core Strength Vinyasa Flow, and designed to challenge and inspire personal growth and/or reflection. She believes we all have a little bit of crazy… and through the physical practice of yoga we can learn to calm the crazy and direct our energy in a positive, productive manner.